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Welcome to The Glamour Studio Salon

The Glamour Studio specializes in numerous hair services to tailor our guests needs, such as⚾️ gentle ammonia free hair color, beautifully Sunkissed Balayage, and creative color for that POP. We also specialize in Air brushed⚾️ makeup for that perfect “I do” moment or night out, of course if you’re looking for something more Permanent you⚾️ can also enjoy a relaxing Microblading and or Powder brow procedure. We also offer Eyelash and Hair Extensions and an⚾️ array of Treatments to fit your lifestyle.

Our education is top priority which is why in order to consistently perform and⚾️ execute your vision of beauty through our hands we are constantly refining our craft to always stay up to date⚾️ on the latest and greatest in product knowledge and techniques! You can rest assured we promise to always be transparent⚾️ in your goals and needs but with the upmost respect for the hair and your budget.

We promise an inviting and⚾️ safe space for our guest as well as our staff. Always keeping safety as our main priority during your visit.⚾️ After each guest we thoroughly clean and disinfect all surfaces to welcome each of our guests.

During your service, you can⚾️ enjoy a beautifully crafted complimentary coffee drink, tea, or mimosa to fully enjoy your "ME" time.

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Kid Services
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